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About Miller Gasket

Die Cut Gaskets and Nonmetallic Parts, Laser Cut Gaskets and Parts, Six Axis Laser Cut Formed Sheet Metal and Tubing and Water Jet Cutting.

World-Class Quality since our Beginning...Family-owned and operated since 1961, Miller Gasket is under the guidance of Dennis Miller and his three sons. For over 45 years the Miller family has been seriously committed to providing the best materials, best products and best service in the business. If you want quality die cut gaskets, insulators, washers or laser cut gaskets and parts; your single-source answer is Miller Gasket. The Miller family brings a no-nonsense approach to customer service and support. Their distinctive difference is their vast experience in all aspects of die cutting, laser cutting and gasket fabrication. They've forged strong, long-term relationships with the industry's leading gasket materials innovators and manufacturers. The result is that you get the latest, highest-quality materials available anywhere in the world.

Quickly expanding from gaskets for automotive applications Miller Gasket, formally known as J. Miller Co., supports companies from all industries with die cut gaskets and other parts such as insulators, washers, shielding, spacers and pads. The company's philosophy of reinvesting in itself means that Miller Gasket has the right equipment to produce the gaskets, or other die cut parts you require, efficiently and economically while maintaining the quality you expect. Miller Gasket is proud to be ISO9001:2000 Certified.

Miller Gasket entered into Laser Cutting in 1998 to produce very close tolerance steel rule dies and Laser Cut Gaskets and parts. Miller Gasket uses 2D lasers for gaskets, insulators, washers and other parts. Miller Gasket also has six axis 3D lasers to cut and trim formed sheet metal parts and tubing.

Miller Gasket has added WATER JET CUTTING to our list of services.

Gasket Fabrication, CNC Laser-Cutting and Die Cutting services that are always improving...The knowledge and experience of our dedicated staff and management, combined with our innovative and quality-driven philosophy, helps us separate ourselves from our competitors in the marketplace. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Southern California is well equipped to meet and exceed all your needs for gasket fabrication, laser-cutting and die cutting services. The Millers are continually updating their equipment to stay ahead of the curve. They offer six axis 3D laser cutting, laser cutting, in-house die production and precision assembly of products and components. While we at Miller Gasket already offer the best materials, best products and best service in the business, we will continually seek out and invest in technology to enhance our production and improve our quality, both on the plant floor and in all other areas of our business.

On-Time Delivery - When your complex or time-sensitive die cut or laser-cut project has to meet critical specifications, we'll see it through. Our customers trust us with their most critical die and laser-cut projects, and they realize the value of our experience and professionalism. Do you have a hot project or need die cut gaskets or other parts with a tight timeline? Call us for die cutting, laser cutting, and/or gasket fabrication. When you need it done right...right now! You'll like doing business with us.

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